Menu July 5
Coffin Bay (S.A) oysters natural or with Sanbaizu $4ea
-½ Doz $20
Smoked eel croquette, yolk $5
Port Lincoln sardine, rye, crème fraiche, shallot $6
Manzanillo Grove olives, bread $8
Whipped cods roe, dill, crackers $12
Bresaola 50g, bread, fermented daikon $12
Charcuterie to share $42

Jerusalem artichoke, barley, brown butter $15
Kingfish crudo, tarragon oil, thyme, apple $16
Portarlington mussels, shellfish sauce, spring onion $18
Confit pork belly, onions $25
Flank steak, daikon, kale, sauce $28

Green salad $4
Fries, aioli $6

Set milk, caramel, whey, meringue $10
Milk chocolate mousse, pinenut $10

Cheese 45g
Charles Arnuad 18mth Comte $12
Bleu d’Auvergne $11
Delice des Cremiers $14
All three $30