We are thrilled to be serving an Arvo Tea and holding a wine tasting as part of the Point Lonsdale Village Heide Footsteps  celebration. Sunday and John Reed and others of the Heide group holidayed at Point Lonsdale in the 1940s and the Village traders all thought this was a cause for celebration.

Arvo Tea was served every day at Heide and at Noble Rot we will be serving a small selection of sweet treats  for an Arvo Tea based on recipes  Sunday Reed kept at the time. Sunday was a Francophile, so of course we will be offering some French bubbles to accompany the Arvo Tea.

Planting, growing, gathering and serving their own produce was also fundamentally important to the Reeds and the life at Heide . With this in mind we are having a wine tasting of local wines from Terindah Estate.

31 October 2015

Heide Arvo Tea 2-3 pm

Terindah wine tasting 4.30-5.30 pm

Oh, and of course if you just want to pop in at any tine for no particular reason you will be more than welcome .