..and we are sure the sun will be shining!   We are looking forward to again opening the Noble Rot door on Thursday 25 August, to catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones. We are working on a new menu for Spring but in the meantime we have a new pizza on the menu featuring wonderful, mostly local and fresh toppings.

Our Sunday 28 August Farewell to Winter lunch is fully booked but you can always go on the wait list , after all if people cancel how awful would it be to miss out on these tantalising  tastes from of the sunny shores of Greece…

Entrée-A choice of:

Crispy fried calamari with yellow peppers and garlic tazatziki.

Lamb keftedas (meatballs) with radish, caper and cucumber ribbon salad

Horiatiki- Fresh vine Roma tomato salad with feta, sweet onions, oregano olives and crusty bread.

Mains- A choice of:

Pork fricassee (slow cooked pork shoulder) , in celery, quinces, dill and lettuce, served with potatoes fourno (baked potatoes) and fresh oregano

Spinach and feta spanakopita served with a roast beetroot salad

Pan fried whiting with Cypriot burghul salad and avgolemono (egg and lemon sauce).