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The July that was and an August Update

August 03, 2017 | Uncategorised

We have now completed our Winter Calendar of Events; 3 dinners and 3 lunches in all and we would sincerely like to thank all those who attended for their loyal patronage. It’s great to see such a buzz in Point Lonsdale in the quieter months.

We are thrilled to have been awarded one glass in our first foray into the annual Gourmet Traveller Wine List of the Year Awards 2017. Announced 31 July 2017, here is what they said…
Noble Rot, Point Lonsdale
Cuisine: Tapas/Pizza
• Sommelier: Jordan Berry
• Number of Wines: 228
• Wines by the Glass: 15
• Wine Price: $$
A clever list that offers drinkers a wide broadcast of global wine canons but anchors you into the local offerings from some of the more liberal, creative set of current winemaking. There’s currency in this avant garde selection, with quality producers like Sorrernberg, By Farr and Bannockburn sidling up next to JJ Prum, JJ Morel and Lamoresca. Plenty of anchors here for those seeking comfort and ease of selection, but the dedicated wine pros manning Noble Rot will ably guide drinkers into left of centre and expressive wines listed amongst the prestige and well-versed wine expressions. Great to see such dedication to wines of Victoria, a sense of pride emerges from these pages. Some judicious older wines also appear through the listings, and canny wine fans will note the value in such. Nicely done here.

It’s time for us to close the blinds and regroup before we return at the end of winter ready to spring into spring.

We will be closing our doors this Sunday 6 August at 7 pm, re-opening 4 pm on Wednesday 23 August.

On our return we are planning a Suzie on Sunday Spring lunch and an extra special dinner!!…

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